Scary Haunted House Ideas

There are so many frightful things in this world that putting together an awesomely terrifying haunted house should be a piece of Scary Haunted House Ideascake. You can find inspiration virtually anywhere. And even if your dark and spooky imagination is a bit limited, it’s nothing a few hours of horror movies can’t enhance. For more scary haunted house ideas, check out some the suggestions below.

Ghostly Encounters

You can’t celebrate Halloween without ghosts because they’re one of the core elements of this awesome holiday/event. Your haunted house should be literally flooded with them and if you can’t commission real apparitions to make an appearance then make your own with a bunch of sheer white cloths, white mannequin heads, a hot glue gun and string. Hang them all over the place and in secluded areas where the white will really catch spectator’s eyes.

Torture Devices (fake ones of course)

While you don’t want to actually torture your guests using these horrific devices, you just want them to think that you’re going to. Turn a section of your haunted house into a torture chamber that features all sorts of “tools of the trade”. You can find a lot of torture-looking devices in your tool shed, at garage sales, thrift shops or make your own. All you need are metal chains, metal rings, wires and a twisted sense of craftiness. You can also toss in a whip, handcuffs and some rope for more variety.

Haunted Hallways

Every haunted house has some kind of hallway that individuals would have to walk through to get to the next scare station. But instead of leaving these hallways bare, take advantage of the long corridor and make it as haunted and scary as the rest of the house. You can use human arms that look like they’re trying to grab their next victim and attach them to the walls, hang big spiders and bats from the ceiling, or make thick spider web obstacles for your guests to walk through.

Life Size Displays
They say the bigger the display, the better and the more realistic they will look to people going through the haunted house. People are usually intimidated by things bigger than them and when those things come in the form of mummies or zombies then you better believe that they’ll be a little (if not a lot) freaked out. Place these life sized monsters all throughout your home in closets, hanging upside down from the ceiling, lying on the ground and many other noticeable places.






Vintage Family Portraits

Family portraits are often portrayed as sweet and loving, but not these portraits. The only thing these portray are vintage images of macabre looking families. Instead of having your cute baby pictures or holiday photos up in frames, replace them with vintage black and white photos of individuals (most likely strangers who’ve passed on) whose faces have been edited to look like ghouls or dead spirits. You can easily print these photos out on your computer and then use editing tools like Photoshop to create the gruesome and eerie details.





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