Easy To Make Halloween Props

You don’t need to spend a lot of money or effort to make Halloween Props. You can use things you can buy from the grocery store, Easy To Make Halloween Propseven items you may have lying around the house. Try these easy to make Halloween props to make your Halloween even more enjoyable.

Things In Jars

These aren’t only great as decorations – you can tote one around as you go trick-or-treating, so you could freak people out. All you need are clear jars of different sizes and shapes. You don’t need to buy them; just recycle empty mayo jars or juice bottles.

Place a curious object in each jar and fill it to the top with water. A “curious object” can be pretty much anything you want. Halloween toys like rubber eyeballs or plastic cockroaches are excellent . You can use real bugs or slugs, if you prefer.

A rubber mask or hand are great for bigger jars. Plastic doll parts are extra creepy, especially a dirty old doll head with its eyes punched in.

A large head of cauliflower can look like a brain – just add a drop of red food coloring. Raw bacon, steak or ground beef can be innards for a zombie spread. You can also ask the butcher for throw-away parts, like pork feet or pig snouts. Twisted carrots, mushrooms, or ginger are great for a witch’s lair.

If you want a “mad scientist” vibe, add various hues of food coloring to each jar. In a few, place a lump of dry ice and water to produce smoke.

Scatter several of the jars throughout your party area to create an eerie atmosphere. Group a few large ones together to make an interesting centerpiece. You can also light candles in jars (no water, of course) for makeshift lamps. These are great for a cemetery theme, or a zombie apocalypse party.

Smaller jars filled with candy can be given away as party favors. Gummy worms in crushed Oreos can look like earthworms in dirt. Just be sure you don’t mix edible items with non-edible ones.

Edible Fake Blood

Fake blood is excellent for zombies and vampires. You can even smear it on old sheets so you can fill your home with bloody drapery, or drizzle some over the party food.

Simply combine three parts corn syrup with one part water. Stir in a little red food coloring – just as much as you need for a deep crimson color. Add a few drops of green coloring to dull the brightness a bit, to make the shade closer to real blood. To make it thicker, add cornstarch, flour, or chocolate syrup. Stir well to remove all the lumps.

Nightmare-Before-Christmas Tree

You can create several small arrangements, or a single large one as a centerpiece. You will need a number of dry branches, black paint, hot glue and some white ribbon.

Start by painting the branches black. After the paint dries, twist the ribbon snugly around the branches. You will want the black wood to show between the edges of the ribbon, so you’ll end up with black-and-white stripes. Secure the ends with hot glue.

Arrange your striped branches in a vessel, like a pot or a vase. If you don’t have any, a wooden crate, a large glass jar, or a hollowed-out pumpkin will be perfect for the occasion. Place rocks inside your “vase” to weigh it down.

Instead of utilizing a vase, you can also hang the branches – on the wall, across a window, or from the ceiling – using tacks and thin wire.

When you have your “tree” up, decorate it. Use thread to hang candies or small toys. Strings of popcorn will also work wonderfully. For a bit of sparkle, add rice lights; if you don’t have any, bits of crumpled foil will add more interest. You may also want to make deformed paper dolls – just cut some cardboard in any crazy shape, then glue on mismatched buttons for eyes.

Which of these easy to make Halloween Props will you be making?

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